About Us

Globe Importers was established in 1983 after Joe and Mario Izzo bought the business 'Barone Wholesalers'. The business was first located in Henry Street Stepney until 1991 when they relocated to the old Lock Motors site on Magill Road. When Joe and Maria bough the business they continued to import Italian products that were difficult to come by in Australia. Italian products such as coffee machines, pasta makers & good quality kitchenware were just an example of the many items that could be purchased at Globe Importers.

Joe would often travel to Italy for business and would always surprise the rest of the family with a different product. As time progressed so did the product range at Globe Importers including tomato sauce, mince, wine making and olive oil storage
equipment. Also available to purchase are dough mixers, vacuum sealing machines and wood fire pizza ovens.

   When son-in-law Anthony Barone joined the business in 2002 his main focus was to expand the hospitality wholesale side of Globe Importers. His business foresight has paid off as now Globe Importers are responsible for furbishing many of Adelaide's cafe's and restaurants with kitchen equipment and tableware.

  In 2005 a new showroom was built, to coincide with the introduction to christening wear to complement their highly successful Bomboniere range of products, the largest in Adelaide.

  Globe Importers has always been a family run business. Joe and Maria's two daughters Tania & Luisa are the two faces you will be greeted by when you enter the showrooms and are responsible for the ongoing success and customer service quality you receive at Globe Importers.